Thursday, 3 of September of 2015

Top Five Reasons to Use Web-Based Video Conferencing

Video conferencing was first introduced to the public in the mid-1960’s, and although the overall concept of connecting two or more locations at the same time through video has stayed the same, the technology has drastically changed.  Starting out as an expensive, bulky hardware based system that transmitted an image once every two seconds, video conferencing has since evolved into a much simpler, less complex web-based solution.   Not only are the web-based video conferencing solutions of today easier to use and more affordable to the average business user, below are five more reasons implementing web-based video conferencing is a must for your organization.

  1. Be All Places At Once – Even though it is obvious web-based video conferencing is here to stay in the day to day lives of business professionals, it is not going to change the fact that you may still need to travel from time to time.  However, with web-based video conferencing, as long as you have access to a broadband internet connection, you will have access to all the tools and features your web-based video conferencing service provider offers, no matter where you are located.  No longer will you have to struggle through the restrictions of public services or hotel computers that do not allow installations or downloads.  With a web-based service, not only will you be able to access your meetings from anywhere with internet availability and from any computer, but so will every other person you choose to connect with!
  2. Compatibility Made Easy – Today we live in a world many different companies are developing their own conferencing solution. The problem that many people find is that not all of these conferencing applications are compatible across multiple platforms, so when you’re in New York working from your Windows 7 computer, you cannot connect with your partner in Los Angeles working from their latest Mac. The problem is continuous and frustrating, until that is, you find a web-based solution that simply uses an internet browser, something that all platforms have. Utilizing this technology gives you the flexibility to invite nearly any user, using just about any type of operating system without having to worry about downloading and installing patches to make their system work.
  3. Just Click the Link – Technology can be complicated. Today’s world is always changing, so the average computer user is constantly adapting to new challenges and learning how to operate new software to meet these challenges, so naturally when it comes to video conferencing it is often viewed as just one more thing to learn.  Thankfully with a web-based video conferencing solution, the learning curve is exceptionally minimal. The only thing you need to connect to a meeting is a link. It means you can send the link over email, chat, text, or even a Twitter or Facebook post to connect anyone to your meeting room. Everyone, including even those that are no so tech savvy, will be able to connect to a meeting with ease. This will allow you to focus less on setup and coordination and more on getting your work done quickly and effectively.
  4. Less Intrusive Requirements – Due to it not requiring the download or installation of any software, web-based video conferencing is much less intrusive than those systems that require a download and/or software installation.  As another positive, since web-based video conferencing requires no downloading of software, it does not take up any additional hard disk space on your computer, allowing you to use less powerful machines to connect into a meeting, including notebooks and netbooks.
  5. Zero Hesitation – From a marketing and sales perspective, there is less commitment required from your potential customers to view live web-based presentations. If customers are visiting your website, they can be speaking with a sales representative in a matter of seconds with literally just a click of a button. Instantly take your potential clients from a passive research phase into a live product interaction where they can have all their questions answered instantaneously!

So there you have it!  Today’s web-based video conferencing solutions are far simpler, less problematic and much more cost efficient then the video conferencing solutions of the 1960’s.  As the technology grows and becomes even more popular, so will the use of web-based video conferencing.

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