Monday, 31 of August of 2015

Web-based Video Conferencing – The Next Best Thing to Being There

On a daily basis, business professionals, sales teams and all types of corporate executives around the globe travel thousands of miles by means of planes, trains and automobiles.

Based on a report released by the Global Business Travel Association, last year Corporate America partook in over 427 million business trips, accounting for approximately $228 billion dollars spent on travel expenses.  Amplify that by the numerous gallons of fuel used, tons of carbon monoxide released into the air and hours thrown away sitting in crowded airports or train stations and you can see why companies are turning to technology to find alternative methods to communicate.Easy and effective interaction is critical to the prosperity of organizations operating on a local, national or even international level.  Unfortunately, many budgets don’t have the leeway to pay for exorbitant travel costs.

Companies recognize the significance of face-to-face meetings, either to schmooze with clients, visit remote office locations or even to attend trade shows and industry events.  Yet, smart businesses have begun to see for themselves that most travel is unnecessary and that alternative options are out there to help cut costs, improve environmentally friendly initiatives and keep employees happy and healthy.  This is being done through simple web-based video conferencing and collaboration applications.

Web-based video conferencing is the next best thing to physically being present at any location.  It’s an immediate communication platform with an instantaneous process that helps eliminate any lag in decision-making caused by travel, thereby boosting company-wide productiveness while cutting down expenses, all of which are extremely important in today’s challenging and fast paced business environment.

Organizations utilizing web-based video conferencing as a method for communication have an edge over those organizations that have been slow to catch on.  It is a widely accepted means of communication by business firms throughout the world and is still growing at a rapid pace.  The revolutionary resources provided as a result of video conferencing tools assist in eliminating some of the most urgent business challenges, minimizing operational expenses, strengthening productiveness and delivering a sustainable work environment.  Through a web browser and a few clicks of a mouse companies can easily and effectively use web-based video conferencing to adapt to the demands of an ever changing economic market, saving time and money while at the same time increasing productivity and employee well being.

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