Saturday, 10 of October of 2015 Video Conferencing Helps Healing Through Spirit Grow Income Twenty-five Percent

LOS ANGELES, CA, March 9, 2011 – Healing Through Spirit, a school of inner wisdom and healing announced a twenty-five percent growth in income simply by using web-based video conferencing provided through  

Based out of Rehoboth, Massachusetts, Healing Through Spirit provides a safe and loving haven for individuals looking to grow personally and spiritually.  Prior to using, the work of Healing Through Spirit was limited to local face-to-face meetings.  Since implementing, Rosemary Siple, Owner of Healing Through Spirit, stated “MegaMeeting has enabled me to expand my teaching capability by enabling me to teach my classes beyond my local base. I am now teaching classes online to people across the country who participate weekly from the comfort of their home.”

Healing Through Spirit takes advantage of many features provided by, such as the ability to incorporate live video streams into their classes, communicate with students through integrated  teleconferencing, showcase informational PowerPoint presentations and record classes to be published back to the web.   According to Rosemary Siple “The face-to-face experience helps me create the intimate setting needed for classes to be a success online.   The ability for multiple parties to see and interact with each other and the ability to record the classes permit me to leverage the income of those who might miss class because they are now able to watch the class after the fact.”

Future use of will entail one-on-one meetings as well as planning meetings.  “MegaMeeting has enabled me to expand business and generate income that would have been otherwise lost or impossible to facilitate. My income has grown twenty-five percent in the first six months of using MegaMeeting.”

About is a leading provider of 100% browser based web & video conferencing solutions, complete with real time audio and video capabilities. Being browser based and working on all major operating systems – Windows, Mac & Linux; provides universal access without the need to download, install or configure software. web conferencing products and services include powerful collaboration tools that accommodate robust video & web conferences, including advanced features such as desktop/application sharing, i.e. Word and Excel documents and PowerPoint presentations without the need to upload any files. MegaMeeting is ideal for multi-location web based meetings, virtual classrooms, employee trainings, product demonstrations, company orientation, customer support, product launches and much more.

For more information please visit [] or call (818) 783-4311.

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