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Securitas Security Services USA, Inc. Brings Employee Trainings into the Age of Technology

LOS ANGELES, CA, February 23, 2011 – Securitas Security Services USA, Inc. is a leading player in the security industry.  With over four hundred and fifty local branch managers and more than ninety thousand security officers they are able to provide top-of-the-line security solutions to thousands of businesses across the United States.  Employee training and development is and will always be an extremely important factor in the success of Securitas Security Services USA, Inc.   Knowing this, they invest in tools which allow them to provide extensive training and ongoing coaching to their employees. 

An example of this is Securitas Security Services branch offices located in North Carolina.  All security officers in the state of North Carolina must complete a two day long training class in order to receive licensing.  Using’s web and video conferencing, trainers and instructors are able to save time and money by hosting virtual training sessions with multiple locations at the same time.

Daniel Massey, Branch Manager of Securitas Security Services USA, Inc.’s North Carolina operation commented on how is being put to use, “Instead of each office having an individual trainer for new hires, we conduct one training and then broadcast it from one office out to the other four. “

Due to the need to have five trainers take turns broadcasting live training courses each week, finding a user friendly solution was very important.  Within a few hours the trainers were able to learn and be comfortable with the many features included in’s web and video conferencing solution, such as the ability to show PowerPoint presentations, record training sessions and communicate with meeting attendees through high quality video and VoIP.

As to their thoughts on, Daniel Massey stated “MegaMeeting has provided our company with the perfect solution to bring our employee training into the technology era. Our training has become more efficient and more cost effective since we began using the MegaMeeting system. MegaMeeting’s staff is very responsive and we are very pleased with the overall service from MegaMeeting.”

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