Saturday, 5 of September of 2015 Announces Release of Web and Video Conferencing “Toaster”

LOS ANGELES, CA, February 16, 2011 – Internet MegaMeeting, LLC, provider of world-class cloud-based online conferencing technologies, today released ‘M3’, the latest version of the Web and Video Conferencing product line.  

Redesigned from the ground up and focusing on the end-user, the new ‘M3’ suite of web and video conferencing collaboration tools was rewritten with an almost entirely new architecture.  This allows to deliver its range of products with far more efficiency and scalability than previous versions.  Already providing world-class video conferencing services from a highly-available and highly-redundant farm of servers co-located at multiple datacenters throughout the world, the new system offers improved scalability while lowering infrastructure costs, and can also be delivered to an Enterprise-class customer in the form of a video & web conferencing “appliance”, giving the end-user ultimate customization and ease-of-use with almost no administration.

The ‘M3’ application has an expanded and more powerful Application Programming Interface (API), allowing for tighter integration and customization with an already-existing or to-be-built offering.  Commenting on the advantages of the M3 release, Scott Goldman,’s CTO, stated “For ‘Private Branded’ customers, the team of engineers can provide custom interface programming in order to deliver best-in-class video conferencing technologies to a whole host of vertical industries.   Being browser-based, having ultimate flexibility and providing the best tech support will always be part of our advantage!”

Included in the M3 release are the same, state-of-the-art tools currently offered to clients, such as the ability to show up to 16 live, adjustable video streams per meeting and the use of unlimited text chat and VoIP audio.  However, the ‘M3’ release hosts a slew of new advanced features as well – from a completely redesigned, intuitive icon-based user-interface to the ability to conduct meetings in multiple languages, ‘M3’ meets the needs of businesses in all shapes and sizes.

Speaking to the most exciting part of the new release, Scott Goldman stated, “I am thrilled we will soon be able to deliver the video conferencing ‘toaster’ to just about any kind of industry, with powerful customizable tools allowing for full integration into an end-user’s corporate network and/or existing offering.  It’s also exciting that we are able to run on android powered cell phones as well.  Handheld devices are no longer ‘the future’ – they are the here and now!”

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