Wednesday, 2 of September of 2015

5 Ways Web-based Video Conferencing Boosts Company Productivity

Time is of the essence, especially for businesses of today that are faced with mounting economic pressure and intense global competition. Minimizing company downtime and increasing company productivity consistently seem to be top of mind subjects for executives and business owners around the world. In order to grow and reach far above and beyond any set of goals, a business must make the most out of each passing minute throughout the day.

A major pitfall in business is caused by employees being absent from work and feeling unmotivated. Modern technology such as web-based video conferencing helps employees stay productive, no matter what the underlying issue may be. Here’s how:

  1. Too many business meetings – Well, not really too many business meetings, but business meetings which require employees and company executives to travel. Sitting in traffic, waiting at the airport and even spending the night in a hotel away from home causes unneeded stress on employees. It also takes away from valuable time employees could be in the office working. Conducting business meetings through a web-based video conferencing platform reduces the burden of travel on employees and allows them to participate in meetings without having to travel.
  2. Adverse weather conditions – Rain, snow, wind, and extreme temperatures lead to reduced productivity. This is especially true for employees who commute to work. A harsh rain or snow storm can force road closures or shut down other means of transportation, making it extremely dangerous and often impossible for employees to make it into the office. Video conferencing provides organizations with a backup plan. From the safety of their homes, employees can communicate with team members as if they were all together in the same office.
  3. Cold and Flu Season– One of the worst things an employee can do is come into work sick. Not only are they not at their full working capacity, but they are putting other employees at risk of getting sick as well. Many times employees will come into work sick because they can’t afford to take time off. Allowing employees to telecommute on days when they are feeling under the weather will help assure a strong and productive workforce.
  4. Lack of communication and motivation – Having unmotivated employees is bad for business. Businesses can use web-based video conferencing to boost employee communication. This tool can also be used to broadcast a motivational speaker, or broadcast a motivational message from an executive, throughout many different office locations.
  5. Family issues – Having a sick family member can weigh heavily on the mind of employees. Rather than requiring employees to come into the office, where their mind will be on everything but work, through the use of web-based video conferencing, employees can be allowed to communicate from home. This will help keep their productivity level up and give them the freedom to help out their ill family member.

Online communication, such as email and chat allow employees to communicate remotely, but video conferencing makes these connections more powerful. Video conferencing is a direct way to communicate with employees as if they were sitting in the same room. It provides businesses with the power of increasing employee productivity, while maintaining the flexibility to get work done from anywhere, at anytime.

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