Friday, 9 of October of 2015

5 Ways Video Conferencing Makes Employee Training Simple

One of the most pressing issues a business executive faces is finding creative and innovative ways to keep employees trained and motivated.  Ongoing training and development sessions not only provide a means for employees to grow on a personal and professional level, but it also assures team members will be equipped with the skills and knowledge needed for a profitable business.

Maintaining an ongoing training program is not always easy, especially when teams operate on an international level.  In this situation, employees are either asked to travel to one general location for participation in a training session or the trainer must travel to the remote office and conduct the training there.  With the high cost of travel, neither one of these options is a viable solution.

Businesses today are transforming the way company-wide training is conducted.  Company personnel are no longer required to leave the comfort of their homes and offices.  By introducing online training through web-based video conferencing, not only are businesses able to drastically reduce the cost of travel but they also see an increase in employee productivity and job satisfaction.  Here’s how:

  1. Conduct new employee training: The first few weeks of a new job can be extremely stressful.  Often times large organizations either have to fly a trainer in from their headquarters or send the new employee to a remote location, which adds to that stress.  Using video conferencing for employee on-boarding helps to reduce the stress caused by starting a new job.  New hires can participate in live job training from the comfort of their home office.
  2. Increase amount of learning and knowledge: On the job training should not be limited to new employees.  The business world is constantly evolving. Having current employees up-to-date on industry trends and statistics allows them to adapt at a much quicker pace.  This is even more important when multiple business locations are involved.  Changes in an industry can take place over night.  Online training through video conferencing allows businesses to face these changes immediately by giving them a unified platform to reach out to all their employees.
  3. Lower industry compliance risks: Keeping employees informed on workplace compliance laws is extremely important.  Online compliance training keeps employees informed, reducing the risk of complaints, which helps to create an effective work environment.
  4. Educate, motivate and engage: There is nothing more damaging to a business than low employee moral and lack of motivation.  Often times this happens in a poor economy.  Keeping employees motivated during these times will help organizations stay successful and on task.  With video conferencing, companies can instantly communicate with their staff and provide them with education that inspires.
  5. Build a training database and library: The great thing about video conferencing is you can record your training sessions and use them at a later time.  This is useful when employees need to be retrained on a specific topic or company trainers are not available to meet face-to-face.

In order to run a fluent business, keeping new and current employees trained and updated on company policy is a must.  Online training through video conferencing is a cost efficient and flexible method that every business should look into implementing.

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