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MegaMeeting.com Web and Video Conferencing a Cost-Efficient Substitute for DimDim Users

LOS ANGELES, CA, January 18, 2011 – Internet MegaMeeting, LLC, the brains behind MegaMeeting.com Web and Video Conferencing, announced today they will be offering a 20% discount on all non-personal accounts set-up on or before March 31st, 2011 by current DimDim users affected by the recent $31 million dollar buyout of DimDim by SalesForce.com.

On January 6, 2011 SalesForce.com announced the acquisition of Lowell, Mass., based web conferencing provider DimDim.  Along with this announcement DimDim stated they will no longer accept new user registrations and they will not be offering any renewals or extensions when their current client contracts expire.  To help current DimDim clients migrate to a new web conferencing solution, MegaMeeting.com is stepping in and offering their 100% browser-based web and video conferencing services to current DimDim clients at a discounted rate.  All interested parties have to do is mention they were DimDim clients and have been affected by the buyout.  By doing this they qualify to receive a 20% discount off the initial cost of any MegaMeeting.com Webinar, Professional or Enterprise account, provided they purchase a MegaMeeting account on or before March 31st, 2011.

MegaMeeting.com offers a variety of feature rich products and services, all of which are 100% browser based.  Some of the many features of MegaMeeting.com are showcased below:

Conferencing Features – Being 100% browser-based, MegaMeeting.com allows meeting attendees to join meetings with one-click of their mouse.  With no downloads or installations to attend a meeting, MegaMeeting clients are able to get more attendees into their meetings.  Like DimDim, MegaMeeting.com runs off an Adobe Flash plug-in, which 99% of the world’s computers already have, making meetings simple and hassle-free.

Advanced Presentation/Demonstration Features – MegaMeeting.com offers their clients a variety of extremely functional and necessary online collaboration and presentation tools.  From an interactive Noteboard and Whiteboard, the ability to present informative polls and surveys or high quality PowerPoint presentations to being able to show a specific application on the host’s desktop or display video through a Multi-Media video player, MegaMeeting.com offers their clients everything they need to conduct successful video conferences.

Audio/Video Features – MegaMeeting.com leads the industry with the ability for hosts to show up to 16 live video feeds.  Integrated toll-free conferencing and VoIP as well as being able to chat through text, gives meeting attendees many different options to communicate with each other.

Help/Support and Ease of Use – MegaMeeting.com web and video conferencing fills the void when it comes to providing their clients with quality help and support.  Providing 24/7 Live Technical support and personalized product training to all their clients, video conferencing through MegaMeeting.com is as hassle-free and stress-free as it gets.

The benefits of conducting video conferences through MegaMeeting.com go on and on, that is why they have opened their doors to DimDim clients at a discounted rate.  To experience the power of MegaMeeting.com Video Conferencing, they invite you to take it for a spin.  Visit http://www.megameeting.com and participate in a live demo.

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