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What Everybody Ought to Know About Video Conferencing – Top Stories Around the Web – January 14, 2011

Attorneys: Reduce Travel Time and Expenses when Meeting with Medical Experts
It is now possible for two or more people to simultaneously share computers from anywhere in the world through web conferencing. One of the best applications we at MediVisuals have found for this software is to enable the attorney, medical expert and medical illustrator to review and discuss imaging studies simultaneously from their respective offices. 
Government vendors cut carbon emissions
Plans to reduce carbon emissions and manage climate change need to be built into all of the UK government’s supplier relationships, a report has said.

Best and Brightest Teachers Key to Solving U.S. Education Crisis

In addition to bringing the best teaching to the most students, the technology can enable children to learn at their own pace through online and blended learning regardless of language, ZIP code, income levels, or special needs. Learning would no longer have to start, as it does today, when the student enters the classroom and end when the school bell rings. Digital learning enables students to spend as little or as much time as they need to master material, so that high-achieving students are not bored while struggling students can get the additional time and tutoring they need. Instructional teaching no longer has to be aimed and paced for the middle of the class.

Technology can help you grow

As a business owner, it is vital that you understand and use advanced technologies. Technology can help increase business efficiency and even expand operations. I will just mention a few as reminders of basic technologies to consider.
The U.S. Department of Education gave $1.1 million to provide scholarships that can be used to cover tuition, fees, textbooks and laptop computers. Grant money will also be used to extend technology that will allow students to access online course content and use video conferencing
Looking for ways to save money and get more effective when it comes to learning and knowledge share in your business? Here are six great ways to use web conferencing to help you achieve these goals.


Benefit From The Future of Online Meetings With No Wait
Enthusiasts of online meetings will say to you that they simply cannot imagine how they conducted business before this technological innovation came along. The previous way of conducting business-traveling to conduct business face-to-face-seems so archaic now. Anyone who has seen the benefits of online meetings might be quick to say that this technology is surely not going away soon. No one that has switched would ever think of going back.

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