Friday, 28 of August of 2015

What Everybody Ought to Know About Video Conferencing – Top Stories Around the Web.

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CitiBank Opens ‘Bank of the Future’ With Touchscreens in Union Square

CitiBank has just opened its first “innovative flagship branch,” a bank with cool touch screens and video conferencing, in New York’s Union Square. Citi CEO Vikram Pandit and CEO of Consumer Banking for the Americas Manuel Medina-Mora spoke at the event, as well as Brad Dinsmore, Head of Retail Banking and North America Consumer Banking.

Videoconferencing Early Adopters: Heat Miser and Snow Miser

Sure, the technology around video phone calls has been around for many years, but it’s never become a mainstream reality until possibly over the past few years with Webcams, and now, telepresence. But there’s hope for us all if the Miser Brothers can use the technology with ease. Although the technology hasn’t advanced enough where we can shoot out flames or ice streams at each other over the connection. Maybe we need more bandwidth for that to occur.

Video Conferencing Saves the Most Green

The world’s largest software company, SAP, recently tried several energy-saving techniques at their first U.S. location in Palo Alto, California, such as adopting solar power, LED lights, electric cars and video conferencing.

How To Look Good on a Web Video

With travel costs (and hassles) going through the roof, I’m not surprised that many sales pros are now using web conferencing and web videos to develop opportunities, give demonstrations, and even close business.  However, many sales professionals are under the naïve impression that being on webcam is pretty much like sitting down in front of a live customer.

Videoconferencing: The World’s Best Green Technology?

Fluctuating energy prices, new regulations, employee satisfaction and market opportunities are prompting large and small businesses to adopt green technologies.

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