Friday, 9 of October of 2015 Video Conferencing Provides First State Bank with the Tools to Achieve Overall Business Mission

LOS ANGELES, CA, December 8, 2010 – Located in Dalhart, Texas, First State Bank has a mission to create an environment which will enable them to attract and keep the very best employees in order to meet the financial needs of their communities, as well as to be profitable and provide a reasonable return for shareholders while maintaining safety and soundness for their customers.  One way First State Bank is accomplishing this mission is through the use of web and video conferencing.

Used by the Board of Directors, Training Department, Bank Executives and the Loan Committee, provides First National Bank with the tools needed to save money and time.  By using for weekly committee meetings and the training of employees, First State Bank has been able to decrease employee aggravation and increase company productivity by eliminating drive time for employees between locations.

According to Jenny Bezner, Vice President of First State Bank, prior to using the service “we were having key employees travel at minimum 30 minutes for a one to two hour meeting, which was highly inefficient. has saved our employees so much time in not having to go back and forth between locations”.  With several committee members living out of the area, allows First State Bank to include more members in their meetings without requiring them to travel.

First State Bank chose because of the price, the option to customize their meeting rooms and the ability to show meeting attendees their desktops.  Jenny Bezner went on to say, “ has been great for our bank. We are able to more efficiently use our time, instead of having to travel from location to location and more time can be spent with customers rather than on the road”, which all ties in with the overall mission of First State Bank.

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