Friday, 9 of October of 2015

Can’t Hold Them Back – Non-Profit Organizations Use Video Conferencing to Overcome Challenges

Video Conference & PeopleWeakened by one of the most devastating and drawn-out recessions in American history, the Non-Profit Industry has had to face some of its toughest challenges to date.  Adapting to tight budgets is a normal obstacle within the non-profit sector, but with nationwide budget cuts and reduced public spending, many organizations have been forced to come up with resourceful ways to streamline their operations even more.

Businesses operating in the non-profit sector many times have multiple offices spread across the globe.  This creates a hurdle when overall funding is low, especially funding for travel.  Online collaboration tools, such as web-based video conferencing, give these charitable alliances a renewed sense of hope, allowing them to reduce spending and connect with the community in a whole new way.  Here are some ways non-profit organizations can take advantage of web-based video conferencing:

Cater to the unique needs of staff members – Provide staff members with communication tools which will give them the freedom to work remotely or to reach out and collaborate with staff members located in different offices.

Support the support group – Hold informational meetings for those that support the organization.  Through tools like “show my desktop” and the ability to share PowerPoint presentations, supporters can be kept up to date on organizational statistics and the progress of a project.

Keep volunteers updated – Organize and train volunteer groups through web-based video meetings.  Keep them up to date on any upcoming projects and provide them with the necessary information and training so they may participate in those projects.

Raise funds – Broadcast live events and fundraisers for those who are unable to attend in person.  Online video conferencing auctions give charities and fund-raising groups an expanded reach from a local crowd to a more globally disperse one.

Brief the community – Keep the community updated on specific issues by conducting weekly or monthly webinar news broadcasts.

Show and tell
– Showcase charitable work and projects through web tours.  This lets supporters know exactly what a non-profit has been up to by showing live, on the scene footage of different organizations while they are at work.

Connect with donors – Meet “face to face” with potential donors without either party having to leave their home or office.  Adding web-based video conferencing to donor communication adds a special touch and is much more personal than a telephone call.

Educate and Train
– Give staff members and volunteers the opportunity to improve their skills by offering online workshops and seminars.

Through the use of web-based video conferencing, non-profit organizations are now able to meet with anyone, anywhere, and at anytime. By eliminating the need for travel, these online web meetings are empowering those working in the non-profit sector and enabling them to focus more of their time on providing services for a better society.

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