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What Everybody Ought to Know About Video Conferencing – Top Stories Around the Web.

Skype outage affecting users around the globe

Twitter users around the globe are taking to the social network to report that Skype is down for them. The tweets started hitting Twitter this morning and continue as of this writing. Users are also reporting that their mobile applications, including those on Android and on the iPhone, are inoperable.  Were you affected?

English teacher wanted a way to help students on Maryland State Assessments

A pioneering program at Catonsville Middle School is helping more students pass state assessments in reading and math.  More than 50 percent of students who had previously not scored proficient on the tests passed last year after participating in the Maryland State Assessment math and reading “blasts” at the middle school, said principal Michael Thorne.
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Why Video Conferencing has Replaced the Stethoscope as a Physician’s New Best Friend

doctor-kitFaced with challenges such as budget cuts, trade regulations and labor shortages, the healthcare industry is up against some rough times. Being a predominantly “hands on” industry, healthcare and medical professionals are being forced to use innovative metrics to streamline their business practices, without impairing the quality of service provided to clients and patients.

With a little help from modern day technological tools, such as video and web conferencing, healthcare providers are able to aggressively confront industry related challenges, improve patient outreach and take worldwide healthcare to a whole new level.

Extended patient demographics and access – On July 2, 2010 an announcement released by the Obama Administration stated that $800 Million in funding will be allocated to expand broadband connections and telemedicine to rural and underserved regions. With easy online access, medical professionals can now use video and web conferencing to provide remote diagnoses and care to a larger geographical scope of patients. Read more »

Can’t Hold Them Back – Non-Profit Organizations Use Video Conferencing to Overcome Challenges

Video Conference & PeopleWeakened by one of the most devastating and drawn-out recessions in American history, the Non-Profit Industry has had to face some of its toughest challenges to date.  Adapting to tight budgets is a normal obstacle within the non-profit sector, but with nationwide budget cuts and reduced public spending, many organizations have been forced to come up with resourceful ways to streamline their operations even more.

Businesses operating in the non-profit sector many times have multiple offices spread across the globe.  This creates a hurdle when overall funding is low, especially funding for travel.  Online collaboration tools, such as web-based video conferencing, give these charitable alliances a renewed sense of hope, allowing them to reduce spending and connect with the community in a whole new way.  Here are some ways non-profit organizations can take advantage of web-based video conferencing:
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Online Video Conferencing Removes Educational Barriers

Technological advancement and innovation is a vital part of today’s educational system.  Educators and students thrive off fresh, new cutting-edge technologies to simplify the learning process.  Online video conferencing is one way technology has advanced the learning process. Read more »

From Smoke Signals to Online Communication: How Businesses Are Adapting

One of the oldest forms of communication recorded in history is the smoke signal.   In its time the smoke signal was one of the most effective ways to communicate over long distances.  Usually a smoke signal would be a way to transmit news or announce a gathering of people in a common location.  Through the advancement of technology, smoke signals have become a thing of the past.

In today’s business world, companies must adapt to new forms of communication.  Digital Smoke Signalstechnology has allowed businesses to stay in touch with globally disperse employees, clients and prospects in ways that were previously unheard-of.  One way businesses are using technology to stay connected is through Video & Web Conferencing.  Video & Web Conferencing gives businesses a competitive advantage by providing their employees, clients and prospects an in-expensive and highly efficient way to stay connected.  Here’s how:

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